Let us show you how your building can become a very impressive 3d model. We can provide you with a replica of your pride and joy Lake Home or Cabin. Your structure is 3d printed in full color and ready for display in your home, at the office or during a trade show.

The photos below are from the beginning stage to the final product. With the large amount of images taken at our single photo shoot, our CAD engineer develops a 3d file that can be scaled for many sizes. The 3d printers follow the specs of this file for precision details.

The full color print makes the model very realistic. Should the picture shoot not be available to us, we can also work with your existing CAD files to develop and 3d print a model.

Original photo
3d printed model with display case

This model represents our feature rich standard product made to be displayed for all to see. The house is printed layer by layer in brilliant colors. Hollow to keep it light and keep material costs low. Display base is solid acrylic covered with model making green grass. The clear acrylic top protects and defines your quality print. The given size of this particular house prints in a size of approximately 10" x 10". Larger printing available. Our complete project includes all photos taken on location, 3d files created, full color print, display case.

Variations may make costs slightly lower or slightly higher.

Other print materials are available. See our Models to View page.


Let's discuss the options for your property!

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Jake Roth

2740 Tareyton Circle
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Phone: 608-669-0011
Email: jake.roth@3dprintmybuilding.com

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Soon we will be releasing details of our creative way to produce your 3d model so to actually hang as a wall display.

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